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Senin, 17 Desember 2012

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Cara is finally being discontinued. Important Notice!
On December 31st 2008 Miccant will stop issuing activation codes for Cara. This means that should your Cara stop working after this date or if you purchase a new computer you will be unable to run Cara.

Before December 31st 2008:

As Cara is now a discontinued product you will only ever need to request a new activation code should you purchase a new computer or re-install Cara on your current computer.

Each time you install Cara you will need to activate it. Any reference numbers or activation codes you may have used previously will not work with a newly installed copy of Cara.

After installation of Cara run the software for the first time and a special screen will be displayed. On this screen your new Reference Number will be displayed. Use this new reference number when requesting your activation code.

Please note the following:
1. Technical support is no longer available for Cara (except for installation and provision of activation codes)

2. Cara will one day stop working in new versions of Windows and Miccant will not onward develop Cara to make it work.

3. No additional books can be added to Cara (e.g. Murphy's Rep Edtn 3 and Complete Repertory new versions + modern materia medica provings)

4. Miccant will continue to produce replacement codes to Cara users for as long as is practical.

Our latest software, ISIS, has now been available for many years and is loved by homeopaths the world over! To learn more about ISIS please click http://www.miccant.com/isisvision. Trade-in prices are available to our Cara customers. Contact your local Miccant sales representative for pricing in your area.

sumber artikel ;http://www.miccant.com/support/activate.cara.shtml

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